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Ishopping is effective to retails, as it is a great platform for them to market their products, sales and reach out to customers who are too busy to physically visit their shops.

Our Mission

Our mission is be Namibian most trusted and respected Online business, making use of technology to facilitate customers living standards by simulating a virtual mall experience in the simplest form

What We Do

  • Online grocery shopping.
  • Ecommerce retails
  • Manual shopping services
  • Grocery Deliveries


Most markets/stores in Namibia are so crowded so much that it is hard for customers to locate items they want. Before one even arrives at the market, the hustle of queuing in traffic causes so much stress that when a customer reaches the market, there is little or no energy to roam the lengths and breadth of the market for items they want

and again queuing for payments of the items. Customers tend to buy items on high prices because they do not have time to move from one shop to another to compare prices. This usually leaves customers unsatisfied with products they find.



Time saving & facilitate livings

Allow customer to shop from their comfort

zones, where ever instead of going to shops, thus they can use shopping time

for other schedules.



24/7 shopping

Ishopping allow shopping specialists to peruse your products and make buying decisions at any time, day or night. It very convenience


Price comparisons

Allows customers to Compare and research products as they are easily online and they will have access to different shops.


No crowds

Customer do not need to worry about parking issues, long ques, feeling rushed or hurried and to deal with chaotic situations when there are

more crowds, Especially when shopping during month ends, festivals or special events.


No need to travel

People don't usually like to move a lot to get what they want. Of course, nothing can compete with experience of going to a cloth boutique and buying what you want, but normally people just don't want to travel.

Customers don't usually leave near the shops they would want to visit, but today they have an option to visit the shop online.


Deliver on time

Delivering quality at your convinient time.

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Whether you are corporate government, private company or individuals who don't have time for shopping or need corporate deliveries to workplace or home, please DOWNLOAD agreenment cord here, fill it, sign it and send it to us.

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